Iyashi Bracelet - Comparison of Negative Ion Bracelets

Iyashi Bracelet - Comparison of Negative Ion Bracelets

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Iyashi Bracelets are only made of quality materials such as tourmaline, crystal ceramics, other crystals and some clay ceramics. This gives the bracelets their high negative ionic output and far-infrared energy. The Iyashi Bracelets are then infused using BFIT which provides a full spectrum benefical subtle energy frequencies. These subtle energy frequencies use scalar waves to heal your energetic body. Our bracelets combine these technologies allowing them to work on multiple levels compared to other bracelets.
The list of technologies in the Iyashi Bracelet are as follow

  • Powerful Negative ions. Made of pure ionic material compared to silicon bands which just use powder.
  • Far-Infrared Energy. Other bracelets commonly use some germanium and tourmaline embedded in them. Our Iyashi Bracelets use both these minerals to produce the far-infrared energy.
  • Scalar bracelet. Our bracelets use our propriety BFIT infusion which programs the bracelet with over 18000+ beneficial frequencies. This is widest spectrum of beneficial frequencies available in any scalar bracelet.

The Iyashi bracelets combines the technologies of 3 other different types of energy bracelets together to create the best negative ion scalar bracelet.

Safe and Tested

About 99% of other bracelets sold at cheap prices are made in China! You will notice all these other bracelets look very similar usually a silicon negative ion band. Iyashi bracelets are unique and made in South Korea and then we infuse them in Canada which is why there are almost no similar bracelets available.

100% guarantee

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your Iyashi Bracelet. As with all Iyashi products, the Iyashi bracelet comes with a fully comprehensive product guarantee. Every bracelet comes with a lifetime guarantee: if you ever find an energetic problem with your bracelet, just send your bracelet in to us and you will have the option of a brand new bracelet replacement, or reinfusion, free of charge. We also provide a 30-day money back guarantee policy; if you are not happy with your bracelet, just send it back and we will refund the cost of your bracelet in full. We guarantee all bracelets are shipped free of defects, and we offer a 1-week no questions asked replacement period if you find that your bracelet has been scuffed, dinted, or damaged.