How to Tell a If an Amega Wand is Fake or Real?

At Iyashi Source we offer a trade in program which allows customers to trade in their Amega AmWand or other zero point energy wand for credit towards an Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand. This is a great option if the wand has already been purchased and you are unable to return it. This makes it a lot more affordable to upgrade to an Iyashi Wand. We offer $100 for any type of authentic Amega Wand and $20 for all other types of wands. One issue has arisen lately is there are now “imitation Amega wands” selling for $40 on ebay, amazon and other sites. These wands are designed to look like the original amega amwand and deceive people that they are getting a wand which normally sells for $135-$350 for only $40.

How to Tell if Your Amega Wand is Fake

Once you know what to look for it will be very easy identifying a fake amega wand. If you look in the pictures below you will see what each wand looks likereal amega am wand

Authentic EAmega Wands come in 3 types standard and black tip which are shown in the photo and pro which has different attachment ends. You will find an amega stamp on the clip, a stamp on the butt along with the serial number on the butt of the wand. The case is the same size of the wand and will carry a logo which says EAmega AmWand. The imitation leather sleeve will also be an open end without a cover.

fake amega amwand

The imitation amega wand will just say “Amega Wand” with their own unique logo. It only have a amega stamp on the clip along with the serial number on the side of the wand. The case is quite oversize and the card that comes with it is made of plastic.

The original company selling the amega wand has had quite a bit of brand confusion which is why there are these imitation out there. People know the wand as the “amega wand” when in actual fact they are the EAmega AmWand although almost all their literature and logo they call themselves the Amega Wand.

In the video below I show the differences in the wand structure, logos, sleeve, and case. Hopefully this will allow you to identify if you actually have an authentic Amega AmWand or you have a imitation.

I will also point out these imitation Amega wands are very poor quality. Half the ones we have received were leaking yellow powder from their caps as they were not fastened on correctly.

Trade in For Iyashi Wand

Once you determine what type of wand you have you can feel free to trade it in for credit towards an Iyashi wand. Remember authentic Amega AmWands will receive $100 credit where any other type of wand will receive a $20 credit. Remember we accept any other type of zero point energy wand for a credit of $20 towards an Iyashi Wand

Iyashi Wand – Iyashi Wand Supports Your Dynamic Equilibrium

IYASHI WAND 4Where you are in your world is constantly changing. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold. You may be relaxed or under stress. Everything is in flux, but through it all your body tries to keep everything in balance. This dynamic equilibrium is masterful in its operation but sometimes life is too much and the body needs help to get back on track. Symptoms become noticeable and sometime become your constant companion. Using an Iyashi wand that works with your bio-field in efficient, effective ways can ease the stress of struggling to feel well. The full spectrum of high to low frequencies that make up your dynamic equilibrium can be managed through co-operation with your innate intelligence.

The full spectrum nature of the energetic frequencies of the body can be managed with the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infused into every Iyashi wand. Without a full spectrum of tools to work with you are wasting your money, because there is not enough coverage to manage every contingency so the energy wand would only partially work. With the Iyashi wand, there is a full spectrum of coverage so the body can work synergistically with the wand holistically. There are no gaps. The BFIT is an energetic reminder of the body’s bio-fields innate nature and acts like a tuning fork while remembering the body’s dynamic equilibrium. The action of the innate intelligence with the BFIT is such that the process seems natural. As the resonance of the body swings back into a more natural state issues disappear and the dynamic equilibrium is restored.  It feels like magic, but it’s Iyashi.

Energy Wand – An Iyashi Energy Wand Technique

IYASHI WAND 2This energy technique is to maintain and maximize the energy flow throughout your bio-field. A lot of people find it refreshing and feel it gives them more energy and stamina. The Iyashi energy wand  is a full spectrum wand that strengthens and maintains the body’s bio-field own full spectrum of high and low frequencies. When the bio-fields energy is flowing correctly your wellness is good and you feel awesome. Every energetic frequency has an energetic influence on the body’s nature. The state of your energy will determine how you ultimately feel.

Hold your Iyashi energy wand in your dominant hand and wrap your fist around it with the tip of the wand pointing away from your body. Place the tip of the wand at the base of your tail bone at the top of your bum cheeks. Breathe in deeply, then breathe out deeply. Breathe in again deeply, then breathe out deeply again.

Now place the tip of the Iyashi energy wand at the base of your skull and breathe in and out deeply twice.

Next place the tip of the Iyashi energy wand at the bridge of your nose where it meets your forehead. Breathe in and out deeply twice, then place the energy wand into your naval and breathe in and out deeply twice. Sit quietly for a minute or two breathing normally.

IYASHI WAND 4The Iyashi energy wand works best for this exercise because each energy wand has been tested for all its ranges of use and ranges of influence in addition to its full spectrum capabilities. The BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion enhances all aspects of the scalar and zero point capabilities of the Iyashi wand. Most energy wands on the market have quality control issues which affect their function and effectiveness because they are sold ‘as is’ from manufacturers with little or no quality control and a high percentage of them don’t work or only work within a narrow band of frequencies. Even the expensive Amwand has the same quality control issues as the cheap nano wands. So for the full benefits of an energy wand, you need an Iyashi wand with a full range of functions and influences to support your body’s bio-field full spectrum nature.